Beat up

The past couple of months- the past year really I have just felt as though I have been beaten up physically and mentally. I am being attacked spiritually and my mind is going crazy. 

I have been barreling a high thyroid for over a year now. Meds have made me feel anxiety when I have never felt that way before. I have questioned whether I should still be in this planet or gone. Then I think of my family and the blessing I have in my wife and daughter and I push on with the Lords help. Last year I had a really bad case of hand, foot and mouth disease. I have had multiple larger skin infections where I have needs antibiotics to clear them and my weight has fluctuated between losing 80lbs to gaining almost all of it back. 2 or so months ago I heard something pop in my knees I hobbled around for about 3 weeks only to have it pop again this weekend and now I'm down again- this time in way more pain!  I cracked a tooth a month ago and today cracked another- while hobbling around and trying to get rid of an ingrown hair that went bad I need a huge cleanse. Physically and spiritually as well. Jesus please he's my body and mind. Help me to focus on you and lead my family in the way you want me to lead. Thank you for the blessing you give me in the things we have and my job and my supportive parents. 

Apple Watch

This is what I want.
I have always been a watch guy and feel naked without one, so I know I will get every penny worth in buying an apple watch.

This is the sport model. Aluminum body- made Space Grey and a silicone band. Small 38mm screen goes for $349 and the larger 42mm at $399. I think with my larger wrists, I will probably have to spend the extra $50. I asked if I could sell my Movado for this watch, I was given a "go ahead." Looks like I need to get that on Craigslist this afternoon.
Apple Watch will give the best of my iPhone on my wrist.


So it has been about 8 months. I have been trying to lose weight and be healthier but nothing seems to work. All of a sudden I started to lose weight. I am now 90lbs down from the heaviest I have ever been. Great right?

So February 1, 2015 I go to sleep like a normal Saturday night. The next morning I wake up and can't get up out of bed. Literally cannot get my legs under me to stand up. I'm starting to freak out. It seem as though I 'will' myself up out of bed. An hour or so later I feel ok, just weirded out that my legs feel like there is no muscles at all. I decide to go for a walk that afternoon, and my golf day with Kaipo and Ronnie is canceled for me.

My legs have felt sore or stiff during the day so I didn't think anything except the fact that I have lost a lot of muscle and they are just a little weaker.

On Monday February 9th, 2015 I made the decision to go back to the gym. All I did was shoulders, arms and some crunches. The next morning, same thing, I can't get up. I manage to get out of bed, get in the shower and drive to work. I almost fall out of my truck when I get to my parking lot, my legs were so weak.

Thursday afternoon I help Carissa move our rooms from one to the other, I am carrying dressers, drawers, etc. Didn't seem like a lot of lifting, but then Friday morning, I can't get up again. This time it's worse. No strength in any muscles, arms, shoulders... nothing.
I am completely freaked out I pace all morning from 3am until about 4:30. I can't sleep, I'm afraid to lay back down, I can't even get up off of the couch. On my way to work, I call Dr. Mark and explain the past few weeks to him. He turns on his Doctor voice and tells me to go to the doctor and get some blood work done.

Friday morning while at work I call the doctor and ask for an appointment to speak to the doctor. I get to the doctor at 1:30pm that afternoon and explain everything again, she orders a full spectrum of blood work, urine test. I don't walk out of the office until 2:45pm. I am told I have type 2 diabetes. I pick up medicine and a blood sugar test kit.  The weight is lost, but my blood sugar is still too high.

Saturday morning I get a phone call from Dr. Kwan. She tells me that the majority of the tests come back and yes my sugar is high, but she is not too worried about that. She tells me that my thyroid is not working correctly and making too much of what ever it does. I am now taking a thyroid medicine to help it calm down, and a blood sugar pill to help bring my sugar down.

I am so thankful for Mark telling me to go to the doctor. Who knows how long I would have gone with my legs not working, or possibly not waking up one morning.

We Did It!

After months and months of working on something, it's very nice to receive the recognition.  Since I returned back to Early Childhood, I have been working with three different centers on NAEYC Accreditation.  On May 20, we had our visit here at Rainbow.  I had to fire a teacher 3 weeks before our window, and come up with an entire classroom portfolio.  Redo the entire classroom and paint, purchase supplies, redo bulletin boards, signs, charts, EVERYTHING needed updated or fixed.  Hired a sub from another center and yes of course, the facilitator visited that classroom. She stayed all day, visited four of our classrooms and then left.  We waited for almost a month.  On June 11 I checked my account and saw that we did it.  Also got an email that morning with our certificate!

So proud of our staff and thankful for the help from the other directors and Cindy our Executive Director.  

10 Day Transformation

So I just signed up for the Purium 10-Day Transformation.  I will be posting again with my pre and post pics.  I have seen some lose quite a bit of weight in 10 days.  I am looking forward to this new product, losing some weight, looking and feeling better- and maybe even make some money.

If interested, here is the link to my page.

Here is a friend of mine.  She didn't even bother with the flex foods, just went for it, and am proud of her for sticking out the 10 days.  Now she is ready to do more!

Super Bowl XLVIII

So nice that my Denver Broncos can make it back to the super bowl.  On the arm of Peyton Manning, and his Omaha count, looks like it maybe a nice cap to the 2013-14 season.

Too bad they never showed up.  After the first botched snap resulting in a safety and giving Seattle a 2pt lead, they never looked back.

Short post, Seahawks 43 Broncos 8.  At least we got on the board and didn't get shut-out.  I guess there is always next year.

Dirty lickens.

On the menu: wings, katsu, teri-beef, noodles.


It has been a long time since an update to my blog.  I have been very blessed these past few months with being able to spend time with my daughter and little family.  Ocean is amazing.  She does something each day that blows my mind.  I can't believe how smart she is.

Work also has been going great.  Our school is in the accreditation process, which is completely stressful, but I am confident that we can pull it off.  Rumor is that MPB got their accreditation, so the pressure is on me to come through for my school.  So thankful for Rainbow School giving me the opportunity to be the man in Kaneohe to get us that logo on our door!


Obama is blaming Fox News for 2/3 of the country disliking Obamacare. Here's Neil Cavuto's explanation and it is great. If you don't understand why Obamacare is so bad,  please read his comments and you will understand.
Mr. President, Fox News isn't what's making Americans sick about your healthcare law. Your healthcare law is. Welcome, everybody, I'm Neil Cavuto. And excuse this departure from form. But I think this is just poor form. So, it's time we set some things straight.
Mr. President, we at Fox News are not the problem. I hate to break it to you, sir. You are. Your words are. Your promises are. We didn't sell this healthcare law. Sir, you did. Remember this?
President Barack Obama: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.
Mr. President, tell that to tens of thousands of retirees at IBM and Time Warner and dozens of others, who've been dumped from their coverage and told to find their own coverage. Fox News didn't break that news to them, Mr. President. Their companies did.
Fox News didn't push more of those firms to hire part-time workers. Your healthcare law did. Fox News didn't tell fast food restaurants to scale back their benefits. Your healthcare law did. Fox News didn't make doctors want to opt out. Your healthcare law did. Fox News didn't make insurance premiums sky rocket. Your healthcare law did. Just like Fox News didn't grant hundreds of exemptions to companies that needed them. You did. And Fox News didn't delay one key provision after another, including online enrollment for those small business exchanges. You did.
Just like it wasn't Fox News that said we had to pass this to see what was in this. You did. Or was that Nancy Pelosi? Sometimes I'm confused. But of this I am not. Fox News didn't re-do basic math. Sir, you did. Fox News didn't say you can cover 30 million more Americans and not see a hit in premiums. You did. Fox News didn't say you could throw in those with pre-existing conditions and not have to pay for it. You did. Fox News didn't all but say you could get something for nothing. You did. Fox News didn't come back years later and say, oh yea, we did raise some taxes. You did.
Here's where you are right about Fox News, however, Mr. President. We can do math. And did. You cannot. And did not. We said it, and proved it. You didn't. And we're all suffering for it. Take it from the numbers guy at Fox. Numbers don't lie. The number of Americans working part-time and nervous. The number of retirees days away from being dumped on exchanges and anxious. The number of company bosses with any news to pass along on those exchanges, but still clueless. The number of doctors who want out. The number of congressmen now opting out. No, Mr. President, none of those numbers lie.
But with all due respect sir, I can only conclude you do know; I know, I know you hate us at Fox. But please take a look in a mirror, and fast. You think we're the skunk at your picnic. But that doesn't mean we're the ones that stink. Because that smell isn't coming from the folks reporting on your law. Mr. President, that smell is your law.

Mighty Wings

So I have been seeing signs around the different McDonalds saying they have something called Mighty Wings.  If you know me, you know that I love wings.  I looked them up online and read a few sites that stated they were actual wings with bones, and not like the McRib which is just shaped like a slab of ribs.
McDonalds is banned from our house due to the factory farms and all the other bad stuff they do, but I had to try these wings.

For a Sunday night at 7:15pm, the drive through was pretty packed.  10 minutes later I was through the drive through with my wings and fries.  FYI, they are not cheap.  The come in 3/5/10 piece order for $3.29, $5.19, and $9something.  They did have a 5 piece meal with fries and a drink for $7.49.  I picked up a 5 piece, small fries and McDouble for $7.85.  No need for a drink when going home!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that they are breaded and look pretty crispy.  I live about five minutes away from McDs, so I was a bit worried they would be soggy when I had a chance to try them.

 First bite... CRUNCH!  Very surprised at the crunch and flavor.  I very nice spicy kick to them.  I think they are great.  Worth the price? I'm not sure.  I guess I do go to BWW for wing night and pay $0.75/wing,  so a buck a wing here is not tooo bad since they are almost 2x as big as a Buffalo Wild Wing- wing.

Breaded like a Hooters wing, but very  crunchy.  If you like you wings wet or naked, you will not like these wings.  They have the flavor in the breading, and you can still get the same sauces you can with the McNuggets.

Go out and try some Mighty Wings.  I think you will enjoy them.  I think next time we decide to eat some wings, I'll spend my money here and order a 10 piece.

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