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56000 Miles

See original concept of blog here...

@ 56000 miles, my first mileage post, my alternator decided to go out. So now I have a $400 car repair needing to take place. As for the job thing, I am still waiting on the preschool to make their decision. I feel like I am the right person for the job. I am waiting patiently for the Lord's decison on my future.

Car Mileage

I thought I would try something that I read about on someone elses blog. They would watch the mileage on their car, and write about what is happening at that point in my life. Every 100 miles, there will be an update. I'll give it a shot, see what happens, it I should continue or end the project.

The First

This is my frist blog post ever. I never thought I would ever have a blog. What do people talk about? What is so interesting in my life that people would want to read my thoughts? Well, here goes nothing. Some things going through my mind...
- 16 Candles is a good movie.
- I love anything APPLE.
- I never thought I would, but I love my 2 kitties.
- I think I may try to write a book.

More to come.

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