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I am Number 12

 On April 12, 2021, Pastor Dharius preached a sermon on being number 12. This sermon is the reason why this site was born. We all should strive to be the best in what we do, I want to be #12.

I am Number 12, I'm not built for the boat, I am wired for the water. I'm not better than you-I'm just different.  Who is going to influence what I am doing, the 11 in the boat, or the 1 walking on the water?

I realized I needed to step down from the boat, and walk on the water to Jesus. As long as Peter kept his eyes on the Lord, he had no fear... once he looked away, he began to sink.

The struggle that number 12 has is they don't want to leave the other 11 in the boat, but they cannot live with themselves if they don't go towards Jesus. 

Take some time to listen to the message, you will be blessed. 

If you are ever in need of prayer, please reach out.

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