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12 Foods to buy Organic

These 12 items below have the highest levels of pesticides when grown conventionally. The thin skins on many of them make it easy for pesticides to penetrate to the food and impossible for us to wash away the chemicals. Go for USDA certified organics of these foods and you're ensuring your salad wasn't raised using man-made chemical pesticides, fossil fuel- or sewage-based fertilizers or genetically-modified seeds.
sweet bell peppers
grapes (imported)
Of the 12, I probably eat 7 of them very regularly. I hate listening to my wife when she says to buy organic, but with the crazy stuff people are using to make things grow faster, and bigger, you can never be too careful.
Try your local farmer's market. They may not have the "organic" stamp, but probably use a lot less chemicals in their growing process. Plus, helping out the local farmer is always a good thing.

10 Meals that proven to Make you Happy

So TLC's website has published an article about the 10 meals that are "Proven" to make you happy. From the B vitamins, to the endorphins in the dishes, is the reason they are proven. Here is their list...
10. Mac and Cheese
9. Salmon and Brown Rice
8. Scrambled Eggs and Oatmeal
7. Spaghetti and Meatballs
6. Mashed Potatoes and Turkey
5. Banana Split
4. Chili and Cornbread
3. Sweet Potato Souffle
2. Beef Stew with Veggies and Potatoes
and the #1 thing on the list.....

There are a few on this list that I do not agree with. I know that they all include different things that will trigger your inner happy, but for me, I would take out the mac and cheese, oatmeal, sweet potato, and replace those with pizza, chicken pot pie, and Meat Jun. I am now hungry for some chili and cornbread, and I'm always in the mood for a banana split.
Happy Eating!

Black Donnellys

I love this show.  I was very sad they took it off the air after one season.  My buddy Roper was the one who told me to watch it, and after it was about 3 episodes in, I started up online.  I finished the season online, as they took the series off the air.  The show is so good, and the last episode, the season finally was one of the best cliffhangers of all TV.

You can get the season on DVD on for about $20. It is well worth it.

Scottsdale, AZ

Landed last night in Phoenix to be with my mom and dad as my mom attends the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  I asked the cabbie to make a stop at 1am.  Here is what a 6hr trip is worth...


Luck guy

We all know last week the iPad was announced, and yet we still do not have a date in which we can place an order.  However tonight on the Grammy's, Steven Colbert shows up to announce the song of the year, and can't find his envelope.  He then proceeds to pull out an iPad from his jacket.  Lucky Guy.
I still want one. No camera, 3G with At&t, not a true tablet computer, but yes, the apple fanboy in me still wants one... I am pretty sure I can get away with the 16GB Wifi only. $499, not too bad.
Here is the break down of the prices and models being offered by apple.

Which one do you want?-Or better yet, which one will you buy?

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