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We Did It!

After months and months of working on something, it's very nice to receive the recognition.  Since I returned back to Early Childhood, I have been working with three different centers on NAEYC Accreditation.  On May 20, we had our visit here at Rainbow.  I had to fire a teacher 3 weeks before our window, and come up with an entire classroom portfolio.  Redo the entire classroom and paint, purchase supplies, redo bulletin boards, signs, charts, EVERYTHING needed updated or fixed.  Hired a sub from another center and yes of course, the facilitator visited that classroom. She stayed all day, visited four of our classrooms and then left.  We waited for almost a month.  On June 11 I checked my account and saw that we did it.  Also got an email that morning with our certificate!

So proud of our staff and thankful for the help from the other directors and Cindy our Executive Director.  

10 Day Transformation

So I just signed up for the Purium 10-Day Transformation.  I will be posting again with my pre and post pics.  I have seen some lose quite a bit of weight in 10 days.  I am looking forward to this new product, losing some weight, looking and feeling better- and maybe even make some money.

If interested, here is the link to my page.

Here is a friend of mine.  She didn't even bother with the flex foods, just went for it, and am proud of her for sticking out the 10 days.  Now she is ready to do more!

Super Bowl XLVIII

So nice that my Denver Broncos can make it back to the super bowl.  On the arm of Peyton Manning, and his Omaha count, looks like it maybe a nice cap to the 2013-14 season.

Too bad they never showed up.  After the first botched snap resulting in a safety and giving Seattle a 2pt lead, they never looked back.

Short post, Seahawks 43 Broncos 8.  At least we got on the board and didn't get shut-out.  I guess there is always next year.

Dirty lickens.

On the menu: wings, katsu, teri-beef, noodles.


It has been a long time since an update to my blog.  I have been very blessed these past few months with being able to spend time with my daughter and little family.  Ocean is amazing.  She does something each day that blows my mind.  I can't believe how smart she is.

Work also has been going great.  Our school is in the accreditation process, which is completely stressful, but I am confident that we can pull it off.  Rumor is that MPB got their accreditation, so the pressure is on me to come through for my school.  So thankful for Rainbow School giving me the opportunity to be the man in Kaneohe to get us that logo on our door!

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