We Did It!

After months and months of working on something, it's very nice to receive the recognition.  Since I returned back to Early Childhood, I have been working with three different centers on NAEYC Accreditation.  On May 20, we had our visit here at Rainbow.  I had to fire a teacher 3 weeks before our window, and come up with an entire classroom portfolio.  Redo the entire classroom and paint, purchase supplies, redo bulletin boards, signs, charts, EVERYTHING needed updated or fixed.  Hired a sub from another center and yes of course, the facilitator visited that classroom. She stayed all day, visited four of our classrooms and then left.  We waited for almost a month.  On June 11 I checked my account and saw that we did it.  Also got an email that morning with our certificate!

So proud of our staff and thankful for the help from the other directors and Cindy our Executive Director.  

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