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New Biz Cards

Surfing the net looking for cool stuff, I stumbled upon a version of this minimalistic business card.  I thought I should try to make one since I own and a phone number with "fudge" in the number.  Here it is.

Not too bad right?  I hope that would grab someone's attention, especially if I am looking for a new job.    Social media anyone?

New iPodsssss

I love my iPhone 5.  It's so thin and fast.  I got mine a week after launch day, gave Carissa my 4S and sold her scratched up 4 for $200.  Not bad.  I threw in a cable, couple of cases... it was worth it so sell.

But when you see the new iPods-Nano and Touch, it makes you want one of each.  I don't need any of these iPods, but I just hope that santa puts one under the tree for me.  Or maybe an iPad Mini- if those ever show up.

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