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So, I know a few days back I posted something about Ndamukong Suh. He was drafted #2, and went to the Detroit Lions. Good for him.

iPad Apps and me

I love my iPad.  I have written about how I wanted one, got one, and now what I love most about owning one.  There are a few apps that you absolutely have to have on this "magical" device.
1. Netflix.  With the app you can stream movies, Tv shows, anything that Netflix offers as their play now list.  It seems as each day they are adding more and more items to this list.  The screen on the iPad is beautiful so having a huge collection of movies to choose from when bored is awesome.
2. iBooks.  Apple's answer to Amazon's Kindle.  The app is great.  Purchase the book right through the app, using your iTunes account, you can even have a sample sent to your iPad before you purchase the entire book.  You can change the font, size, color, brightness, etc.  Perfect to read from, especially when you are in a place without Wifi. The only "con" I see so far is compared to the Kindle app, there are way more books on Amazon's site, than in the iBookstore.
3. Pandora.  Once Apple allows multitasking on the iPad, this will be a #1 app.  Right now, you can stream music through the pandora app, and they allow you to request a style, or artist for that playlist.  There is also a biography of that artist, band, etc. you can read about while in the app.  For now once you exit the app, the music stops, unlike the iPod function which allows you to continue to listen to your music, once the app is closed, and you go into another app.
4. We Rule.  We Rule is a game, sorta like "Farmville" on Facebook.  You have a "kingdom" where you plant, grow and raise food to sell for $ in order to buy more things.  I have become addicted to this game, so much that it has made it to the bottom dock on my iPad.  I have farms, a fish pond, school, lumber yard and tailor shop.  I also have houses for the help to live.  That allows me to collect taxes and get more $$.
5. Apple Apps. Calendar, Contacts, Mail.  All of these apps, I use daily.  The Calendar is an extension of my desktop, with MobileMe my calendar syncs over the air.  Same with the Contacts and Mail.  With Contact is is like the old days of carrying a little book with your contacts, except you can make changes without a pencil, click on an email address and it opens up the Mail program and start up an email.  Mail looks like my desktop Mail app without the integrated inbox.  We hear that iPhone OS4 will cover this problem.

Here is a pic of me getting my iPad on launch day!

Ndamukong Suh

Mr. Suh will be drafted later this week into the NFL.  My hope is that he goes #1 or #2.  Most critics and industry heads have him going #2 after Sam Bradford the quarterback from Oklahoma.  He is one of the most powerful defensive lineman to come out of college.  Sports Science a show that looks at the science behind the sports.  Knowing he is going to be drafted so high, he already has promised $2.6 million to his school Nebraska.  2 Million for the Athletic department for the Strength and Conditioning program and $600,000 to a scholarship program for the School of Engineering (where Suh graduated from this past December).  This is the most anyone has donated from a single player.  How awesome.

Go Huskers!  Go Big Red!


Things my dog can teach you

1. My Sonic's best friends are me, birds, and the cats.  He loves them all.
2. It's the little things that matter. A pat on the head and a hug are far better than a new collar or toy (although I do love new toys).
3. Sometimes a growl is all that it takes to get your point across. You very rarely have to actually bite.
4. There is nothing more important than food to eat, shelter from the weather and being with those who love you.
5. Protect and guard your loved ones at all costs.
6. Walking in the sunshine is an event to be anticipated and savored.
7. When you need a nap, take it.
8. Drink lots of water.
9. There is nothing so comforting as sleeping next to someone you love.
10. When a loved one comes home, even if only at the end of the day, it is a cause for celebration.


So... I have had my iPad for a week now, and I absolutely love it. I use it for everything.  I facebook, tweet, watch movies, stream Netflix, and play games.  It truly is a "magical" device.  Stop by the Apple store, and try it out for yourself.  You will probably be walking out with one of them.

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