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Mighty Wings

So I have been seeing signs around the different McDonalds saying they have something called Mighty Wings.  If you know me, you know that I love wings.  I looked them up online and read a few sites that stated they were actual wings with bones, and not like the McRib which is just shaped like a slab of ribs.
McDonalds is banned from our house due to the factory farms and all the other bad stuff they do, but I had to try these wings.

For a Sunday night at 7:15pm, the drive through was pretty packed.  10 minutes later I was through the drive through with my wings and fries.  FYI, they are not cheap.  The come in 3/5/10 piece order for $3.29, $5.19, and $9something.  They did have a 5 piece meal with fries and a drink for $7.49.  I picked up a 5 piece, small fries and McDouble for $7.85.  No need for a drink when going home!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that they are breaded and look pretty crispy.  I live about five minutes away from McDs, so I was a bit worried they would be soggy when I had a chance to try them.

 First bite... CRUNCH!  Very surprised at the crunch and flavor.  I very nice spicy kick to them.  I think they are great.  Worth the price? I'm not sure.  I guess I do go to BWW for wing night and pay $0.75/wing,  so a buck a wing here is not tooo bad since they are almost 2x as big as a Buffalo Wild Wing- wing.

Breaded like a Hooters wing, but very  crunchy.  If you like you wings wet or naked, you will not like these wings.  They have the flavor in the breading, and you can still get the same sauces you can with the McNuggets.

Go out and try some Mighty Wings.  I think you will enjoy them.  I think next time we decide to eat some wings, I'll spend my money here and order a 10 piece.

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