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iPhone 3G

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So July 11, the new iPhone 3G was released at 8:00am local time. On Thursday night, Amber, Steven, and myself decided that we would wake up early the next morning, and go stand in line at our neighborhood At&t store. I got a text @ 4:45am from Amber saying she is heading down to the store. I arrived a little after 5, and was the next person in line behind her, there were approximately 20+ people in front of us, which the security guard has said was in line since 3am. I did hear a rumor that the store had 90 iPhones, so I thought I was pretty safe at number 20something. Our buddy Steve arrived about 30 minutes later, due to the dog he was watching, having a nervous break-down. We had our Starbucks, and waiting in the morning sun til 8, when the doors opened. Those of us in line were handed forms to fill out stating which model we were purchasing, if we were already customer with At&t, etc. I finally walked through the door at about 9am, number 29. 30 minutes later, I came out with a non-working 1st gen iPhone, as well as a non-working 3G iPhone. The iTunes program had crashed, as over 3million people tried to activate their new toys. I prayed on my drive home, I would not have any problems, and by 9:45ish, my 3G iPhone was up and running, with new applications, all my photos, music, videos, all on the phone with no problems. My two other friends, not the same luck. I had to help them later (5 and 6hrs) to get theirs phones running. Now we are all happy we spent that time waiting. Would I do it again? Hmmmm, I'll let you know when the second gen iPhone 3G launches. :)


So I have been moved from my current position at MBTA, to the new Kamaile Academy on the beautiful Waianae Coast. Fun! Um, I guess. I just love how the people who live out there, talk about how we need to care for the children and help the community get better. Don't we need to do that for all of our communities? Why is it that I haven't been to that coast in 10+ years? I have no reason to drive out that way. Yes, the mountains are beautiful, and so are the beaches, but why should I put myself in a situation at a "gas station" only to have the locals, ask what I'm doing out there, in "their" area, just because my wife is haole? Who cares who I am related to, if I want to try out a nice beach on that side of the island.
Unfortunately there is no Aloha in Waianae, cause if the locals really knew what "aloha" meant, they would act like a Hawaiian should.

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