So I have been moved from my current position at MBTA, to the new Kamaile Academy on the beautiful Waianae Coast. Fun! Um, I guess. I just love how the people who live out there, talk about how we need to care for the children and help the community get better. Don't we need to do that for all of our communities? Why is it that I haven't been to that coast in 10+ years? I have no reason to drive out that way. Yes, the mountains are beautiful, and so are the beaches, but why should I put myself in a situation at a "gas station" only to have the locals, ask what I'm doing out there, in "their" area, just because my wife is haole? Who cares who I am related to, if I want to try out a nice beach on that side of the island.
Unfortunately there is no Aloha in Waianae, cause if the locals really knew what "aloha" meant, they would act like a Hawaiian should.

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  1. Kalena says:

    Wow, your so mean, you don't have to rub it in my face you know, I really care about Waianae and the community, its were I grew up, its my hometown...that really hurts..... because no matter who you are or what you are, where still family. To me 'ohana means family, family means when nobody gets left behind or forgotten, and now, I haven't been treated the same in class....people would always be mean to me (always like Sylvia) and not treat me the same, if only my mom haven't made the 7th grade at Kamaile, then my life would be perfect, and I would have lots of friends, but now I don't. THANKS A LOT FOR THE POST MR.FAJARDO. THANKS A LOT.!! :'(

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