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Google Wave

I got my wave invite, don't really know what to do yet. They said it
is not supported on the iPhone yet. Looks pretty good to me!
Maybe we will get a dedicated app. Even a web app would work for now.
How come google voice, wave, and mail can't all be on the same screen?

EZ Boy

Today my buddy EZ had to have hernia surgery.  He is only 17 months old, and a precious little boy.  We had to be in the hospital by 7:30am for a 9:30 surgery.  The morning was going fine, and we were waiting in the room, when we found out that it has been pushed back another hr.  Not too bad if it were for an adult, but when a baby does not know why he cannot eat, it get's pretty rough.
The Dr. came in and Jodi took EZ into the room.  Within 5 breaths, he was sleeping.  We took the time to go up to get something to eat, and was back down in 30 mins.  On our way down to the room, he was already done.  The surgen said he was great, and would be in recovery.  Within 30 minutes, he was dressed and ready to go home.
Here is the story I got from the recovery room.  My sister went in to see her baby.  She picked him up, and he was a bit groggy.  She fed him, and he was not happy with his I-V still in his hand.  He kept picking at the needle.  After a couple of minutes, my sister noticed blood all over her and him.  He had proceded to pull off the 5 layers of tape and rip his I-V out of his hand.
That's EZ, he is a fighter.
Thank you for all prayers.  He is recovering at home and dr. said he will be just fine!

Here is a video of him getting his gown on.


I have started a new blog, This is desigend to allow me to post from an email, and it will update my twitter and also the blog at the same time.  I will try to keep the posting on that blog to pictures, videos, and music, and keep this blogspot more for personal stuff, in turn keeping all the simple, pics and vids out.  I have also added a widget to the side of my main blogspot page.
Love you all.

Sunday November 1, 2009

Today my wife wanted to do something "romantic." She wanted to go to one of her favorite places, Moanuloa Gardens and have a picnic.  Oh joy!  It was a pretty hot morning here in the islands, so I was not too thrilled, and I didn't feel too good this morning, but it is my wife, so I thought I better take her.  We started out making a stop at Down to Earth for Carissa to pick up her Avocado sandwich.  We then made stop to Kiawe Grill for me to pick up my plate, of pulehu beef, grilled over some kiawe wood.  Came with rice, and my choice of veggies, which were kim chee, potato salad, Korean noodles, and a couple of pieces of tofu (for Carissa).
We found a spot, sat down and had our lunch.  I packed a cooler of drinks, a mat to sit down on, plus my chair and aluminum table.
Within a few minutes, Carissa's parents showed up to visit with us.  So much for a romantic afternoon.  Either way, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and the weather was perfect for sitting in a park and having some lunch.  Here is a shot I took of Carissa and her mom near the stream.

What the Heck?

Walked into the bathroom at Best Buy. Saw this on the ground, then thought about the scenario...

Kid: "mom, i have to use the bathroom."
Mom: "hurry up, i'll be right here in the car stereo section waiting for you."

4 hrs later...

Mom:"son, let's get ready for a bath."
(son goes into bathroom-for his bath)
Mom:"Um, Freddie, where are your underwear?

Son:"I don't know, I think I left them in the bathroom, in BEST BUY"

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