Beat up

The past couple of months- the past year really I have just felt as though I have been beaten up physically and mentally. I am being attacked spiritually and my mind is going crazy. 

I have been barreling a high thyroid for over a year now. Meds have made me feel anxiety when I have never felt that way before. I have questioned whether I should still be in this planet or gone. Then I think of my family and the blessing I have in my wife and daughter and I push on with the Lords help. Last year I had a really bad case of hand, foot and mouth disease. I have had multiple larger skin infections where I have needs antibiotics to clear them and my weight has fluctuated between losing 80lbs to gaining almost all of it back. 2 or so months ago I heard something pop in my knees I hobbled around for about 3 weeks only to have it pop again this weekend and now I'm down again- this time in way more pain!  I cracked a tooth a month ago and today cracked another- while hobbling around and trying to get rid of an ingrown hair that went bad I need a huge cleanse. Physically and spiritually as well. Jesus please he's my body and mind. Help me to focus on you and lead my family in the way you want me to lead. Thank you for the blessing you give me in the things we have and my job and my supportive parents. 

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