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iPhone 4

So, I know the iPhone get's released tomorrow, June 24th. It is 10pm here in Hawaii, and I had a wonderful treat. Mr. FedEx man showed up this afternoon with a small box. Yup, my iPhone. Here is a little clip I took with my 3GS recording the unboxing.

More pics and video later.

iPhone 4

Many of you who know me, know I love APPLE.    On June 7th Mr. Steve Jobs announced that a new iPhone will be out on June 24, and you can pre-order one on June 15.
Over 600,000 iPhone 4s were ordered, or reserved and the apple system as well as ATT both went down.  I am sure thousands of others did not get to order their iPhone, and were pretty upset.
Here is my story.
I got up 7am Hawaii time to try and place my order, Error.
Went to the doctors, @ 9:30am and was out and in the office @ Diegos @ 10:20.
Downloaded the new apple store app for my iPhone and tried to order that way...
This is what I kept getting.  Thinking the 16GB was out, I tried with the 32GB and still got this same error.

Needless to say, I moved on.  If you look at the screen shot, it was taken at 10:59am Hawaii time.  I did't get home until sometime after 4pm, and tried again.  I was on my MacBook, and tried in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Kept kicking me out saying something about a technical error, or that they couldn't log me it, etc.  
Finally though Safari, I got all the way to putting in my cc number, and hitting "Place Order"  Then I get this...
I was on this "Processing" screen for about 15 minutes.  I hit order about 4:25pm Hawaii time.  I had help remembering, because I  brought my dog through the house, and then let my cat out of the room called my friend a couple minutes after that, and my iPhone log shows 4:33.  I sat on this screen for a good 20 minutes.  When it kept spinning and then my screen finally went to sleep I clicked up on the address bar to "refresh the page."  Bad news.

After refreshing, I was back to the Apple store to try and go through the order again.  This time I got the shipping date of July 2, delivery between July 5-July 8.  It would have let me put that order in, but I thought I would just hold off, check Best Buy sometime after June 24, and maybe get lucky.  
Got ready to go out to a friends birthday party, and heard a "ding" as in new email.  When I checked my mail, I got one from Apple.  Subject: Order Acknowledgement XXXXXXX
So, when I opened up the message, it showed that I had ordered the iPhone 4, with a ship/delivery date of June 24.  My only thought is that this order that was processing took long enough to go through, and even though I clicked out, it somehow had already processed.  Yee Haw.

I am guessing that it's legit.  I clicked onto the blue order number this morning, and it took me to the order page, showing this order (last night when clicked, it gave a tech. error message).
Looks like I am going to have the beautiful 2 camera, HD Vid recording, glass on front and back iPhone on June 24!

Lip Dub

Wow! The Kamehameha Schools.  My alma mater made this lip dub clip.  Technology is amazing.  Looks like hundreds of students went into making this work, and a big thanks to the staff for allowing all this craziness.

Korean iPhone Girl

Check out this Korean girl who sings and makes music with the iPhones....

Let's see your EVO do that!

Expendables Movie

This movie looks promising.  Hopefully lots of action with all these guys...

Happy Birthday to Me-I'm 34.

I can't believe I am 34yrs old today. Wow has time flown by. I moved back to Hawaii in 2002, I was 26, single, and back in the islands after living in Nebraska for 8yrs. Now, 34, married, tons of animals, home-owner (well, I owned my house in NE too) and still unemployed. Haha. no it's not funny, I have actually had quite a few jobs in the past 8yrs. Just for the moment I am unemployed, but that will all change...soon...I hope.
Anyway, I woke up early this morning to my cat crying at the door for one of us to feed him. I got up, fed him and the others, then came back into bed. When I got back, my wife sang me our birthday song, "happy birthday to the birthday-boy, the birthday-boy, the birthday-boy. Happy birthday to the birthday-boy." I guess you had to be here. She then got up and gave me a present. Wrapped in pages from Entertainment Weekly, was a 160GB Apple TV. Awesome. How great is that? I am excited. I wanted to jump up and hook it up to my tv, like now. One problem. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable! ? Bummer. I have to wait a few hours before I can run to my local SamsClub (the cables are a lot cheaper) and get a cable, then get home and fire this thing up, pair it to my laptop, and we can then streammmmmmm the movies, music, etc.

While reading the box, and checking it all out, she passes me another present.  This one is hard, like a wooden box.  Wrapping paper ripped, and what do you know, it is a wooden box.  But wait, this one came off of my dresser.  I opened up the box to find an iTunes Gift card for $25.  Yes.  More books and stuff to buy for playing with the Apple TV and on my iPad.

As I am typing this, she walks out with a conformation letter saying that we are staying in Waikiki tonight, since that is where dinner is happening.   It is only 8:15am and already it is an awesome birthday!

Updates to come......

Day 10

I did it! Made it to day 10 of no meat. Tonight, I will be having a ribeye steak from BLTsteaks, Med.Rare

Day 9

It is looking pretty good for me to make my goal of 10 days. Last week I decided to eat like a vegetarian for 10 days, right before my 34th birthday. I knew we had reservations to eat at BLT steak which is a restaurant in the Trump Tower in Waikiki. Known for their dry-aging, and super hot cooking style, needless to say, I am excited. Back to the Veg thing. Sooo, I decided I would only eat like a veg for a couple of days, which turned into going on 10 days. I was allowed to eat fish, which has saved me a few times. Don't get me wrong, I like salad, but not that often, and I do like tofu, so that helps. I think the hardest for me is when we go out to eat dinner. See at home, I make salsa, avocado dips, grilled cheese, etc, but when we go out, there are so many other great things to eat like fried chicken, big hamburgers, etc. A friend had a bbq out on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, out in K-bay, and I was the chef. I cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, but only ate chips and trail mix. That was a tough one. Hot summer day, middle of the ocean, charcoal grill going, burgers and dogs, with all the fixins and I eat chips.
As day 10 approaches, I can taste the steak. I know it was gonna be good 10 days ago, but now with it being the first meat I eat coming out of a "meat fast" I am really looking forward to my 34th.

Here is the Honolulu Dinner Menu in case you wanted to drool along with me.

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