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60,000 Miles

Wow, a lot has happened since September. I was waiting for the preschool to call me for the director position. They called, they don't want me. Bummed. Totally bummed. Headed to Omaha, and Arnold in November for gramps sale. He was in a nursing home, couldn't talk, just moaned, and looked sad to be there. Sale went awesome, bought a Cadillac. Froze a little bit, then came home. 13 days later, mom and I flew back... Gramps passed away. Was up there for another week, then back home.
Still no job. Christmas came-new iPhone! New Years came and gone, and went in for an interview at a school to teach on Jan. 14th. Hired on the spot. Started 1 week later.
The 60,000 mile mark came Friday Feb. 22-while driving to practice at church. Things are looking good.
Thank you Jesus for answering prayers.

<-------------- Car is still in Nebraska. Will have in Hawaii soon.

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