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iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was announced just a few days ago.  The question you ask yourself "is it worth the upgrade?"  Well, my answer will always be, if you can upgrade for the discounted price, yes!  I don't know who would not be able to sell the previous gen unit for the price you pay in the upgrade.  I have always cleaned up, erased and sold my iPhone on craigslist or ebay for more than what I paid for it, and it was over a year old.
So Thursday evening, 8:45pm I decided to wait up until 10:01-3am eastern time to order the new iPhone.  When I tried to place the order EARLY, like 9:45, I realized that I counted wrong, and I am already 45 minutes late.  I kept getting errors, etc. and the order would just not process.  I checked twitter, and a lot of people on my timeline were having troubles too.

I almost quit trying at about 11:00pm, but something went through, and I got a message from Apple saying my rsvp was in and I would get an email to finish the order.
I got up at 6am, to check my email, and sure enough, I had an email saying finish my order.  I go stuck when it would not let me change my shipping address, so I changed my ATT billing address to my current address, called ATT made sure they saw the update, and then called and waited, and waited, and waited for apple sales to pick up.  When they did, the girl could not do anything for me, but transferred me to someone with a little power.  Stephanie took me through and waited online for my order to be placed, and after a couple of hours, she called me to let me know she changed my shipping address, and my brand new (looks exactly the same) iPhone will be at my door on October 14!  One week from today!  

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