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New Biz Cards

Surfing the net looking for cool stuff, I stumbled upon a version of this minimalistic business card.  I thought I should try to make one since I own and a phone number with "fudge" in the number.  Here it is.

Not too bad right?  I hope that would grab someone's attention, especially if I am looking for a new job.    Social media anyone?

New iPodsssss

I love my iPhone 5.  It's so thin and fast.  I got mine a week after launch day, gave Carissa my 4S and sold her scratched up 4 for $200.  Not bad.  I threw in a cable, couple of cases... it was worth it so sell.

But when you see the new iPods-Nano and Touch, it makes you want one of each.  I don't need any of these iPods, but I just hope that santa puts one under the tree for me.  Or maybe an iPad Mini- if those ever show up.

Hey, I just met you...

So I thought I would be clever and make up some business cards for fun.  Check these out.

Below you will find the funniest use of this crazy, popular, can't get it out of my head song.

Check this dude out!


I thought since I have been MIA, I would throw up a quick blog about how things are going.  We have been busy.  Our little OCEAN is 5 months and just "cut" her first tooth.  She is such a trooper.  Doesn't cry, and barely fussy.  The perfect little miracle and blessing we could ever ask for.
School year started back up again, and we are fully staffed and have topped out our enrollment at 70 children.  Parents are happy, children are happy and the staff is slowing coming together as one cohesive unit.  My committee is still all over me, but if the Lord allows it, I just have to go with it.

Ocean and Momma

Baby Girl

My baby girl showed up March 21st.
All the contractions started the day before, but the active labor started at 2am. We counted contractions until 3am, then decided to call the Midwife. Dr. Lori showed up at 5am, and contractions were going strong every 1-2 minutes from 5am. Around an hour or so later Jme came over and got things ready. As the contractions were getting stronger I asked if she could go into the tub. Right around 7:30am Carissa got into the birthing tub. The 100 degree water helped a little, but she was still feeling a lot of the pain. At 8:30am, she asked me to get into the tub with her.
I started to rub her shoulders and back, but didn't think that I would be in the water for so long. I sat down and went into chair mode (I was the chair and support in the water).
I ended up being in the tub the entire time. Through screaming, pushing and more screaming, Little O came out at 10:15am.
7lbs. 12oz. and 22in tall!

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Help Me to Lead

Lord, my little baby girl is not quite here, but help me to live this song for my family.

Groundhog Day

Well, another winter season has come along.  I am back in Hawaii, loving the cool weather (upper 60's, Low 70's) all winter.  Bad news for my friends in Omaha- Good Ole Phil (Punxsutawney) saw his shadow today which means 6 more weeks of winter.  I did check the forecast, and looks like tomorrow in the Big O, there will be snow!

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