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So, when I started my little blog, I was going to write about the mileage on my car. Where I was, what I was doing when my car hit certain mile points. I stopped about 40,000 miles ago, but now that I have hit 100,000 I never would have guessed that I would be where I am today, when my car hit the 6 digit mark.
I am living in Nebraska, working back at Westside ECC, and was driving a car I bought in hawaii 7 years ago. Never thought I would be back here. I was driving with Carissa to see Kelly Heflin dance at her recital. Who knows where I will be when my next car hits a major milestone.

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Day 1, 2011

Going Veg.
Today is Day one of going vegetarian. I did it last year around this time leading up to my birthday so wanted to try a bit longer. My main focus is health and having a baby. If changing my diet to subtract meat, adding some vitamins that help the swimmers swim faster and stronger, this will be easy.

Homemade salsa, guacamole, with black beans on tortillas, and pita chips. Melon for dessert.

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