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So far my summer has been a great time. I have been watching 3 wonderful children, who really just need a driver. The oldest, Maia,

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is the leader of the pact. The "Queen" taking charge of our group. She has two little brothers, Gabe,

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and Nick-
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These pictures were taken at Pearlridge Mall where we went to visit the Lego Art as well as play a few games in Tilt. After tilt, we stopped for some Icee, and M&M cookies. Check back for more pictures throughout the summer!!!

Super Sonic

Took Sonic to the dog park this morning. We had the park for a few minutes by ourselves, then Ms. Great Dane came in and Sonic took off after her, he would run up, and like say "hey, you can't catch me" and just run away and the big dog would chase him. No way, was this or any dog gonna catch Sonic. He's gotta have some Greyhound in him. The only time the GD would get close, was when Sonic would go the wrong way towards a fence or gate, then he would put his tail between his legs and come back to me. One time the dog jumped and he just ducked down and rolled out of the way, it was pretty awesome. He ran his little heart out for about 15 min, and then another little guy came in, Sonic chased that poor dog for a few min, before we decided to leave. He is covered with mud all over his feet, and laid down to sleep as soon as we got in the car. I put him in the back, and picked up 4-5 piles of poop, while he just laid looking at me. He drank water, and is sleeping, dreaming of tomorrow morning where he can go and run again...


So I am a bit past my 32nd birthday, and things went great.
So Thursday June 5 started out a bit like this...
Presents: Shirt, Zelda game for Wii, slippers, $32, then Hulk backpac, and pens, etc, from mom- along with a pan to cook fish on my grill.
Had an awesome lunch with my brother (Kaipo), my dad, and Aina. We ate at Makino Chaya at the Aloha tower. You can check out that blog here.
Went back to work, and was told that I may not have a job next school year-bummer.
Got home to see Carissa laying in bed with a huge dog. Not just a puppy (which she said she was looking to get me) a 6mo old part bull terrier, part something huge (Great Dane). We named him Sonic.

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After driving to Franks, and my parents to show off the "puppy" we got him home, and we got ready for Ruth's Chris. Met Roper, Steve, and Mark there. Had awesome conversations, as well as awesome food. Steaks are just so great. As Rope would say,

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Came home, and couldn't sleep half the night, since I was so full.

Happy Birthday to me!

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