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Apple Watch

This is what I want.
I have always been a watch guy and feel naked without one, so I know I will get every penny worth in buying an apple watch.

This is the sport model. Aluminum body- made Space Grey and a silicone band. Small 38mm screen goes for $349 and the larger 42mm at $399. I think with my larger wrists, I will probably have to spend the extra $50. I asked if I could sell my Movado for this watch, I was given a "go ahead." Looks like I need to get that on Craigslist this afternoon.
Apple Watch will give the best of my iPhone on my wrist.


So it has been about 8 months. I have been trying to lose weight and be healthier but nothing seems to work. All of a sudden I started to lose weight. I am now 90lbs down from the heaviest I have ever been. Great right?

So February 1, 2015 I go to sleep like a normal Saturday night. The next morning I wake up and can't get up out of bed. Literally cannot get my legs under me to stand up. I'm starting to freak out. It seem as though I 'will' myself up out of bed. An hour or so later I feel ok, just weirded out that my legs feel like there is no muscles at all. I decide to go for a walk that afternoon, and my golf day with Kaipo and Ronnie is canceled for me.

My legs have felt sore or stiff during the day so I didn't think anything except the fact that I have lost a lot of muscle and they are just a little weaker.

On Monday February 9th, 2015 I made the decision to go back to the gym. All I did was shoulders, arms and some crunches. The next morning, same thing, I can't get up. I manage to get out of bed, get in the shower and drive to work. I almost fall out of my truck when I get to my parking lot, my legs were so weak.

Thursday afternoon I help Carissa move our rooms from one to the other, I am carrying dressers, drawers, etc. Didn't seem like a lot of lifting, but then Friday morning, I can't get up again. This time it's worse. No strength in any muscles, arms, shoulders... nothing.
I am completely freaked out I pace all morning from 3am until about 4:30. I can't sleep, I'm afraid to lay back down, I can't even get up off of the couch. On my way to work, I call Dr. Mark and explain the past few weeks to him. He turns on his Doctor voice and tells me to go to the doctor and get some blood work done.

Friday morning while at work I call the doctor and ask for an appointment to speak to the doctor. I get to the doctor at 1:30pm that afternoon and explain everything again, she orders a full spectrum of blood work, urine test. I don't walk out of the office until 2:45pm. I am told I have type 2 diabetes. I pick up medicine and a blood sugar test kit.  The weight is lost, but my blood sugar is still too high.

Saturday morning I get a phone call from Dr. Kwan. She tells me that the majority of the tests come back and yes my sugar is high, but she is not too worried about that. She tells me that my thyroid is not working correctly and making too much of what ever it does. I am now taking a thyroid medicine to help it calm down, and a blood sugar pill to help bring my sugar down.

I am so thankful for Mark telling me to go to the doctor. Who knows how long I would have gone with my legs not working, or possibly not waking up one morning.

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