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I love starbucks. There are so many different coffee places in Omaha. Crane, Scooters, Winchells, Village Grinder, but I always come back to the Bux. My glass mug (in the pic) was cracked when I was still in Hawaii. I walked into this sBux and showed the girl, and she swapped it out for me, no questions asked.
Got a nice Thanksgiving Blend going for this rainy cold Wednesday.

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November is Here

Well, it is a week into November and we have been having beautiful weather.  The mornings have been a bit chilly, hitting in the 20's with the wind, but by the afternoon, we are back into the upper 50's, but again with that wind, we feel a lot colder.
I was told that last October there was already 30" of snow.  So glad we don't have any of the white stuff yet.  I can actually go without!

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