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Day 5. No meat, chicken. I have been eating fish, and tofu. It actually is easier than I thought. I went to cheesecake factory last night and ordered a fish sandwich instead of a burger. That was tough. This coming Saturday is my birthday, and I will be having a huge streak to celebrate the 10 days of no meat.
Ok, I think it is the fried chicken that I am missing the most right now......


Sooo. My wife is a vegetarian, and has moved more to being a Vegan. I guess she is the true definition of the word. She has wanted me to change my diet, and eat veg as well. Today is day 4.

I have had lots of tofu, and juiced vegetables. From swiss chard, to kale, carrots, and apples. I can eat 4 carrots, 2 sticks of celery, couple of apples, and some leaves of kale, all in one glass.

Fried Tofu and brown rice

Fried Poke salad, with hard boiled eggs

Swiss Chard, apples
Carrots, apples, swiss chard greens.

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