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la Fee Verte-The Green Fairy

Absinthe- Was made legal in the United States this year, so a friend decided that I needed to try some green fairy. He bought the bottle from a liquor store here on the island, and we went for it. We made our drinks the traditional way with Absinthe in the glass, we had to improvise the absinthe spoon with a tea ball, placed a cube of sugar and poured ice water over the sugar, so the cube melted into the absinthe. The mixture should be 3:1 or 4:1. It doesn't stay glowing green (and some are even clear), yet turns into a cloudy greenish color. The flavor was a very strong licorice flavor, which I don't really like. I'm sure it is due to the anise used in making Absinthe. I'm guessing this is an acquired taste, but as I drank it, it was going down easier than the first few sips. No, I didn't see the green fairy, but I will be willing to try this drink again.

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