Happy Birthday to Me-I'm 34.

I can't believe I am 34yrs old today. Wow has time flown by. I moved back to Hawaii in 2002, I was 26, single, and back in the islands after living in Nebraska for 8yrs. Now, 34, married, tons of animals, home-owner (well, I owned my house in NE too) and still unemployed. Haha. no it's not funny, I have actually had quite a few jobs in the past 8yrs. Just for the moment I am unemployed, but that will all change...soon...I hope.
Anyway, I woke up early this morning to my cat crying at the door for one of us to feed him. I got up, fed him and the others, then came back into bed. When I got back, my wife sang me our birthday song, "happy birthday to the birthday-boy, the birthday-boy, the birthday-boy. Happy birthday to the birthday-boy." I guess you had to be here. She then got up and gave me a present. Wrapped in pages from Entertainment Weekly, was a 160GB Apple TV. Awesome. How great is that? I am excited. I wanted to jump up and hook it up to my tv, like now. One problem. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable! ? Bummer. I have to wait a few hours before I can run to my local SamsClub (the cables are a lot cheaper) and get a cable, then get home and fire this thing up, pair it to my laptop, and we can then streammmmmmm the movies, music, etc.

While reading the box, and checking it all out, she passes me another present.  This one is hard, like a wooden box.  Wrapping paper ripped, and what do you know, it is a wooden box.  But wait, this one came off of my dresser.  I opened up the box to find an iTunes Gift card for $25.  Yes.  More books and stuff to buy for playing with the Apple TV and on my iPad.

As I am typing this, she walks out with a conformation letter saying that we are staying in Waikiki tonight, since that is where dinner is happening.   It is only 8:15am and already it is an awesome birthday!

Updates to come......

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