Heartache and Loss

Excited to be off and spend some time with my family for Spring Break and heartache hits. Monday, March 18, 2017.
I was told "I'm done." What does that mean? I don't want to be married anymore. She said this as my heart broke and tears started to stream down. "What?" "what do you mean?" She said it was too late to save our marriage. We are leaving. I asked if I could take her to where she wanted to go- and she grabbed a bag of clothes we got into the car and I dropped her and Ocean off at her friend's place. A few days later it was Ocean's birthday and we met up in Kapolei. I took her to fun factory and then to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Ocean asked to stay that night with me and my sister and mom threw her a surprise birthday party. She loved it.
Fast forward to the fall of 2017 and the word "divorce" came up... Never thought that word would enter my marriage. I obtained a lawyer and all the paperwork she filed against me went through them. It was a drawn-out process of back and forth, but finally was stamped completed in May 21, 2019. Four days later her mom would marry and was already pregnant, but that is for another entry...

Ocean is in second grade in Mililani where she spends Monday through Friday with me. She has the weekends with her mom.
Being a single dad is awesome. I love spending all my time with my baby girl. We ride bikes, play on iPads, water balloon fights, swim, pool, beach, go out to dinner, you name it we go for it!

Looking back at this situation, I am so thankful for my family who continues to stick by me and pray for me. My friends who support me. and I am thankful for my Lord who brought me through this time. I know that it is not over since we share custody of Ocean but I pray that I can be the best dad I could ever imagine to be.

If anyone is going through or has gone through this terrible thing called divorce, and needs someone to listen or just be there. Please reach out.

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