More Coffee Please

I have started to read. Wait, let me say it differently, since last April, when I got my ipad, I have stated to read. I used to go into bookstores all the time and buy books, but would never read them. Now on my ipad, I can have 10,20,50 books with me at a time.
I stopped into Books-a-Million since I heard they had good coffee (Yelp)
I grabbed a cup of their Joe Muggs, pulled up a chair and got out my ipad. Nice hot coffee with good flavor, quiet reading spot with semi hard chairs. Staff was very friendly and helpful when I got up to look for an "old fashion book" the paper one!
My wife likes books, so we will definitely be back.

Same day, now finishing another cup out at Scooters. I don't really like their coffee, but the free wifi, and nice people watching makes the day go by...

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